NKP designs - Natalie Pappas

I am inspired by nature, by the endless colors and patterns of God's creation. The smoothness of the clay between my fingers is a wonderful feeling. Whether I am forming a pot on the wheel or a highly textured bead or a musical whistle, I think about the end result and I hope it will bring a smile to your face.

Purple Pottery Beads


I discovered that I could make beads one day when I was thinking about going to the bead store. I realized I could make my own beads from scratch. My obsession was born!

Blue and White Pottery Bowls


When I am on my pottery wheel and the clay is spinning under my fingers, a certain happiness comes over me because of the knowledge that I am creating objects of joy.

Purple Whistle Bead Set


My whistles are hollowed out beads. I add clay to one end to form a hole for stringing. I love making these small musical objects. They are wonderful to make into necklaces.

Books and Magazines where my beads have appeared

I absolutely love the design on this mug! It is a just the right size and perfect for drinking coffee or hot tea. The mug was shipped promptly and arrived sooner than I expected. Natalie has excellent communication skills!
Paisley Mug
Wheelthrown Stoneware
I really like that you continuously come up with new ways to texture/decorate your beads! These will go perfect with aquamarine heishis in my stash. I love the way beads from you kick start my imagination!
Smokey Blues
Textured Porcelain Rounds