Fresh Out of the Kiln

I started on these handbuilt platters a few months ago and they sat on the shelf as greenware, then they sat as bisquewear and finally I sanded and glazed them. I love how they came out.

Click on the photo and you will see a larger picture where you can see the texture that is on the bottom two platters.

I’ll be putting these to the July TS&PG show.


Ever since I saw Melanie’s teapots I have been wanting to make some myself. They are absolutely adorable, and in my late 20’s I remember I had a lovely collection of teapots.

I don’t anymore because we just don’t have the room in this small house of ours — but with teapots THIS size I could collect as many as would fit into a shoebox. This teapot bead is about an inch tall.

What Have I Been Doing?

I have NOT posted in too long. I’ve been busy filling orders, making new bead designs, as well as fixing up a new kiln that was given to me.

I can’t test the elements of this new kiln until I get the stand — and I won’t get the stand ’til next week. Then I will put in a kiln sitter ’cause I hate having to check, check, and recheck. Easier just to let it shut off when it is done!

But I was looking at the elements and everything looks like it is in really GOOD shape. This means in the summer when the kiln takes 2 days to cool down that I can get a second batch going in a hurry. This kiln is also a 34 amp and my Olympia is a 30 amp. So I get to play around with all that means too.