Beads of Clay Beadswap 2006

This is a short video of the beads that were swapped in 2006 by the Beads of Clay Yahoo group that I am a part of. Click here to visit the Beads of Clay website.

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Joy of Joys

Every year with the profits, I buy my business a new toy. Last year I bought it a clay extruder. The year before that, a small test/jewelry kiln. This year it was a slab roller and it got here today! The slab roller arrived today!

This is what it looks like. I haven’t had a chance to do anything but take it out of the box and admire it as I do everything else that needs to be done around here. I wanted to take a moment and thank all my terrific customers of 2006 who made it such a great year and also take a look forward to 2007 in joyful anticipation of what’s to come.


These came out of the big kiln this morning. They have only gone through their first firing. I will glaze and fire them again. These are small teapots, only about 3 inches high. I used the clay extruder I bought off of EBAY last year to make them with.

I made the two part die myself. The man whom designed and built the extruder had said he was going to offer hollow die sets but, alas, never did.

Therefore, one day a few months back, my husband and I got out the jigsaw and some wood and a few bolts and sandings later it was ready for use.

These square bodied teapots were a lot of fun to put together. I went to New Mexico this summer and the lids reflect the southwest somewhat, the spouts remind me of all the mesquite trees that scatter the area I visited.

I’m not sure how I’ll end up glazing these yet. I’ll have to study them for awhile.

I did put two pottery items in my new ETSY store. Go here to view them. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy New Year

What’s a New Year without making something new?

That is why i’m in the middle of a site resdesign, for this blog as well as the website. I have also opened an ETSY store ( ) and have not as of yet listed anything, but I plan to in the next day or so.

I have not posted much to the blog (EEK, OCTOBER was the last post), but I have been busy producing pottery and the beads and also filling orders. I went to Ruidoso, NM over the holidays and visited more than a few pottery studios. It is SO much fun meeting other pottery people and admiring their work.

Thank you to all you terrific customers who make being an artist so much fun! Lets have a great year, folks!