Hollow wheel-thrown Bead

I was playing at the pottery wheel with a bit of clay and this is what happened: a hollow wheel-thrown bead!

The white dots are slightly raised for a smooth textural effect.

This could easily be designed to combine with precious gemstones such as pearls, shells, jade, and/or jasper.

This one of a kind bead is 34 mm from top to bottom and 15mm hole to hole.

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I Won The Doorprize!

Reason #492 why we should always show up to our monthly TP&SG meetings!

With this handy dandy faceting tool, I will be able to make round and angled channels easily AND produce patterns and textures that are even and consistent. Or maybe random patterns. I don’t know. It all seems fun to me.

However, the other main reason to show up at the pottery guild meeting is because of the presentors! This month, January, we had Karmien Bowman demonstrating how she builds fun tables and stools from extruded clay. It was incredible! She’s a professor over at Tarrant County College in Hurst, TX.

GO here to visit her website: http://karmienbowman.com/