Plain Carved Bead

I am fiddling around with a few leather hard porcelain beads, carving them in random patterns. I think this one is good for some inlay of some sort or another. I’m thinking art clay silver for the groove and a gemstone for the round holes. There’s three more round holes on the other side of this.

Examples of what can be done with Bisqued Beads

I updated my Bisqued Beads webpage today ( because I wanted to show some examples of what can be done with bisqued beads. So I decided to include them here as well. Enjoy!

A blue watercolor was applied and while wet, salt was sprinkled on it. This is a trick many watercolor artists use to gain texture onto a color. Then a clear glossy sealer was applied after the salt sprinkles were rubbed off.

This Stone colored nailpolish was brushed over, then wiped off. Next a Crystal Lime nailpolish was applied for a glittery effect. A clear overglaze of nailpolish was the last coat.

This was a purple acrylic paint which was covered with a thick coat of clear glossy sealer. While it was still wet, Swarouski Crystal components were pressed into the sealer. Surprisingly, it is quite durable.

These markings are made with a Sharpie Permanant Marker. Then it is covered lightly with a yellow & green mix of watercolor. Last it is glazed with a clear glossy sealer.

These markings were made with a Sharpie Permanant Marker. Then it is simply coated with a clear glossy sealer.

This is covered with a Garnet Red nailpolish. Then it is sealed with clear nailpolish.