New Stuff

The hearts on this mug were spontaneously added after I had attached a handle. I also stamped a some around the sides with a heart stamp dipped in glaze. The photo doesn’t show the stamping as well as it looks in person.

These are my first attempts at building chopstick holders. I pressed a stamp into the clay, then cut out circles, then rolled them with a small roller to make them oval and curvy. Last I attached little footsies on the bottoms. I may give this as a present or I may list it in the Etsy store. Haven’t decided yet.

Still in Progress

This is a bowl I’m making for my mother for her birthday, which thankfully isn’t until May! The outside came out great but as you can see in this next photo, the inside is riddled with glaze blisters — click on photo to see more details. I’m going to reglaze with a clear gloss and refire one cone higher.

If I had a digital kiln instead of a kiln sitter this would probably be an easy problem to fix because all I would have to do is set it to ‘soak’ for about 10-15 minutes and the glaze would cover properly. I thought maybe plugging the vent holes would work, but it did not. No worrys here about Mom seeing her upcoming present though because she doesn’t like computers.

Mugs Mugs Mugs Fresh from the Kiln

Here are some mugs that I threw on the wheel recently. The first three from the left to right, right now, hold 16 oz. The next two hold 12 oz, and the one on the very right hand end holds 8 oz.

Isn’t it neat the way the short rounded shape of one mug holds the same amount as a taller, more slender one?

They will shrink in the glaze firing, but I don’t think they will lose more than 2 oz. I’m predicting maybe an ounce. Measuring is certainly something I should have thought of doing earlier. I’m finding it very interesting.

I very much appreciate my customers who ask me to try different things that I never would have thought of without their input.

Almost Fired

This is my workspace in my studio. Lots of brushes, mixing sticks, and glazes. Today is glazing day. I’ve got my shelves full of bisque ready to be glazed. Note the tiny chopstick holders hiding in the back. I can’t wait to see how those turn out.

This is about to get three coats of clear gloss glaze. It is a requested piece from someone who really liked my Spring Blossom series but has a yellow office and needs a paper holder. It’s a hand-built piece. I love yellow and I’m thinking I really like this color combination with this particular pattern. It’s very happy.

Hot Chocolate Mugs

I threw about 15 mugs on the pottery wheel earlier this week. These are but some of them. The smallest pictured will probably hold about 12 oz. The largest? I’m not certain, maybe 20 oz or more? I’ll know for certain after it goes through its first firing. Click on the photo for a better look. Here are the rest of them:

Pottery Assignment

One of the members in the Pottery Basics Yahoo Group gave an assignment to throw something over 9 inches tall. He said to use a certain amount of clay. It’s been a while since I did this and I am only now posting a photo of it. I was thrilled to throw higher than what was the goal. Is this the tallest I’ve ever thrown? Yep!

Here it is, dried and decorated. Or rather, decorated and dried. I put a bunch of stuff in the kiln today and this simply would not fit. It will have to wait until next time. It was a great project.

Thanks Jan for the terrific assignment!

Mug Swap

This is the mug that I sent for our Etsy Mud Team pottery swap. I received a most beautiful mug that I’m presently enjoying coffee. But this is the mug I sent.

It, as you can see, it is really a teacup.

Lots of Stuff

This sold today. It was one of my favorite bowls. I’m a bit sad to see it go but I know it has a good home. So farewell dear bowl.

This is a handbuilt item that I’m calling a paper holder. I got a question asking if I could handbuild one with the dimensions shown here, to hold paper. So this is in the kiln today for its first firing. The photo is blurry. I’m eager to see how it turns out.