Burnished Stoneware Creamer

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This unique stoneware creamer fits perfect into the hand. The spout is formed so that there is no dribbling, but instead a perfect pour. This was wheel-thrown and hand altered. Next I took a river rock and burnished it until it was super smooth. Inside I applied a clear gloss glaze and fired it to […]

Spring Watermelon

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With a teeny tiny Yucca paintbrush that I made myself, I painted green stripes and pink dots all over this 20 mm porcelain bead that I also hand-formed and had bisque-fired. I re-fired it and as I turned it over and over in my hand I thought, “Wow! It’s like Spring has arrived in this […]

Photos on a Dreary Day

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I had a bunch of beads come out of the kiln yesterday and I was looking forward to photographing them. However, it was extremely overcast today and the lighting was terrible. I have a light tent, but I haven’t played around with that yet. Right now I take my pictures on a piece of typing […]

Sea Shaker

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This is my entry for the Etsy Mud Team Salt & Pepper Shaker’s challenge. This is a simple closed form that I threw on the pottery wheel. After it was closed, I allowed it to dry and when I was turning it around in my hand decided to put tiny legs on top and use […]

New Banner and Beads

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This is the newest banner for my NKP Etsy story. I keep getting bored and changing it out. I think I like this one though. Here’s the latest addtion. Go see it here. These Mustard Eggplant Stoneware Beadswere hand-formed and pressed into handmade textures. The purple tablets are all 16-18 mm and the mustard 15-17 […]

Clay Whistle

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Here is my first successful working clay whistle. I tried a couple of years to make one of these. They turned out cute but were non-functional. I googled and googled to try to figure out the secret, and it turns out that the book I recently bought, “From Mud To Music” answered this for me. […]

Chocolate Mug

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I made a series of mugs right before Christmas. I haven’t taken all of their pictures, and most of them I have given away as gifts. I was trying to match a particular glaze that I had done a while back, but alas, it did not work. I cannot manage to copycat even my own […]

Joining the Etsy Mud Team

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I’m a member of the Etsy Mud Team, which is a group of potters who network together to learn not only how to become better potters, but who help market each other’s work. The link below is this week’s thread: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5412770 Get to know us and our art better. Each week we start a new […]


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It being so close to the new year, and with the relaunch of my redesigned website and blogs, I got to thinking about 2003. That was the year I got the pottery wheel and the kiln. Anyway, this is the first bowl that I took out of the kiln. I remember that wow feeling as […]

Muffin Maker

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This was fun to throw. It holds one package of Martha White Muffin Mix. I was going to call it a “Bread Baker” but I think I’ll call it a Muffin Maker! instead. This is the first one I’ve done, so I’m going to keep it. I’ve got the muffin sitting atop one of my […]

Yay! More Beads!

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There is nothing better than lifting the lid to a cooled down kiln and seeing the newest batch of goodies. These pictured are some new fun ones that made it through the glaze firing. Some don’t. Some slide to and fro on the rods they are hanging on and get glued to a neighbor. Others […]

Hand-Painted Daisies

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I have really enjoyed making these. After hand-forming and piercing the hole and putting it in for a bisque firing, I put a light pastel underglaze this bead before painting on tiny daisy petals. This reminds me very much of watercolors. Last I apply a coat of clear gloss glaze. Then each bead is put […]

Small Cup

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For those who have been following the iron oxide decal saga, this is my latest effort. I’m still working on figuring out how to fire these on the clay the same way every time. This particular cup has three flower figures on it. It is tiny, only holding 1 ounce (or was it 2?). The […]

Eye Candy

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I love pottery. Here are some pieces I found over at Light One Candle. I would have added their names to their pieces but I couldn’t always divide the name properly . So take the link, pick the category of the item and you will find the artists name fairly quickly — though some you […]

Daisy Frost

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Here is the back and front of a bead I pulled from the kiln a couple of weeks ago. It is a new clay I’ve been wanting to try for a while, if I remember correctly the name is ‘Southern Frost’. There is a Southern Ice, but I believe that is a Cone 10 clay […]