EMT Challenge: May 25- June 1

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● ▪ MUDDY-SUDS SPRING CHALLENGE and RAFFLE – May 25 through June 1 ▪ ● ▪ Please Join the Etsy Mud Team and the Etsy Green and Clean Guild for our “Spring Themed” dual challenge and raffle. Participants from both teams will choose a word from the list below and create an item that reminds […]

Clay Whistles

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Here they are. Fresh out of the kiln. Yay! These were so much fun to make. I am planning on making more. Definitely! I’ve added the second one (with hearts on it) to my Etsy Store.

The latest ….

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Major Bummer … I sold this mug over the weekend only to break it as I was about to wrap it up. The handle broke off. I was just heartsick. It is really a lovely mug and I don’t have another like it. Better it happen here than in transit! The customer was just fabulous […]

Child-Sized Tea Pot or Spice Pot

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This cute child-sized teapot could be used as a salt or pepper or sugar or other much used spices pour. The spout drips a tiny bit so water or honey or cream would probably not be the best option. I fashioned it after watching these videos on You Tube. These are a blast to watch […]

Eggs in Nests

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These nests with eggs in them were created by Goldilocks Barrettes from some egg shaped beads which I made especially for her shop. I love what she has done with them and lucky me, she has ordered more. So below is the process I go through in making them. First I make certain the clay […]

Mustard Texture Stoneware Rounds

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Oooo …. I put these in my Etsy store today. The glaze breaks over the texture in the most yummy way. I’m behind on listing things in both stores. But I can’t do everything every single day. That would be w*rk. This week I’ve been on the pottery wheel every day. Last week I was […]

Must NOT Touch

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This is what I am telling myself today. I made a lid to one pot four times already because I was overworking it to death. Now if I touch any of these, they will surely fall and break …. I threw the pot yesterday. It is very small and probably only holds 12 oz. Yesterday […]