Continuing With Clay Whistles

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And the saga continues …. by this time all I want to do is make each whistle sound the best it can sound and the decoration is going to come in second until I can. It’s been hit or miss for several days with more misses than hits. For two hours I would poke and […]

Clay Whistle: A River Rock Look

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This was to see if I could decorate a bit as well as make the decorations a bit functional. One thing that makes these clay whistles hard to play, is that it is hard to keep one’s fingers firmly in place on the holes. When playing a melody, it is hard to refind a hole. […]

Clay Whistle: An Animalistic Look

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Here is another whistle in this series. It is by far the prettiest, and surprisingly enough, it also has the best sound. This also has four holes. I used some simple studio stamps of flowers to texture it, and the mouthpiece is simply hand rolled and wedged together. I was thinking of the curl of […]

Clay Frog Whistle: An Organic Look …

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Here is a frog clay whistle (top and bottom). The base is wheel thrown (see previous post). The frog is from a mold that I I made from a small toy frog one of the kids brought home a gazillion years ago. The holes are supposed to resemble plant material. We’ll see what I can […]

Revisiting Clay Whistles

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How Much Wood Must a Woodchuck Chuck before a Woodchuck could Chuck Wood …. as a child I thought that was the silliest rhyme ever! However, as an adult, I’m beginning to see the bit of hard truth that it teaches. Let’s rephrase this: how many clay whistles will I have to make before I […]

Bead Whistles

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I’ve been making small bead whistles. I took a 20 mm round and after it hardened a bit, scooped out the insides, added a mouthpiece, and formed the holes. The first one, was easy. The second took me about 20 tries to get it to sound correctly. Even now, it’s not very good. The third […]

Bead Carvings

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I was wandering around on the Etsy Mud Team thread and one of the members posted a link to this woman’s shop. It is a cuff made from pvc, carved. So so beautiful! The detail is incredible. I can’t believe someone could do this with a knife. This woman’s cuts are so perfect that I […]

Post NYC

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Manhattan last week was a blast. I came home with lots of new bead ideas. There’s something about being in a different place for a few days that energizes and inspires. To the left is a ceramic bead I made a while back. It has lots of little dots. First there are teeny tiny cobalt […]

Pottery Workshops

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I got this off the Yahoo Pottery Basics mailing list that I subscribe too. There are many workshops I would love to attend on this list. I am adding it here in the event someone is looking for workshops in their area….and in the event that maybe I can go to one of these later […]