It was a Disaster!!!

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I had the worst kiln accident the other day. On the way to the kiln I tripped. The tray full of bead whistles crashed to the ground. Every bead whistle broke but one. I was devastated in the worst way imaginable! These were some that I had spent two days glazing. Intricate patterns abounded — […]

Two Tone Clay Bead Whistles

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I got brave. I tried it. It worked! Here it is! Then I thought, “Okay, try a three tone.” And by golly I made a three tone. I blew into it All three sounds were perfect. Then, like the big fish that got away, the second time I blew into it, it didn’t work. I […]

Bead Whistles: The Sequel

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Bead Whistles are a blast to make. I finally have the process down!!!! It took all day to make the first four. That night I was able to make three more. The next day I made a nice big Orange Whistle (see pottery blog), then that night I was able to make three in a […]

Rolling Stamps

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The Etsy Mud Team is having a stamp exchange in a month or so and I got to thinking about about textures and how I often use my textured bisque beads as stamps. Usually I just roll them on a slab with my palm, but I thought about some stainless steel rods that I use […]

Orange Clay Whistle and Textured Vase

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Lately I have been focused on the “beady” side of things and not so much on the pottery. However, yesterday after rolling about 100 beads I had to get on on the pottery side of things. I was going to make a lid for the vase (pictured below) but I got sidetracked. I pushed the […]

More Beads

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I measured, rolled, and pierced about a hundred of these yesterday. It is a very monotonous activity but at the same time, relaxing. Thoughts can wander. Plans can be made. Decisions arrived at …. so this mundane project was much more productive in many ways than can be seen with the naked eye. OH, and […]

Greenware Bead Whistles

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These are how many I have so far. Each one sounds terrific! The pitch on each is a bit different. One of these is very shrill. I was thinking the shrill one could be marketed as not only a lovely pendant, but a safety device as well! We’ll see.

Bead Whistles (continued)

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This came out of the kiln the other day and I love how it looks. The sound isn’t quite as clear as the other one though. It’s okay. But just okay. However, I spent the day with small balls of clay (20 mm), hollowing them, putting them back together, adding a teeny mouthpiece and piercing […]

Bead Video

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I spent most of the morning taking photographs of the beads which the winner in the contest I’m holding will get to choose from. So I made this page in which to showcase them. When taking these photos I did something I never usually do: I played with them a bit. I emphasized the contrast […]

Cooking Kiln

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These are some more beads I have had in the small kiln all day. Also included is a small whistle bead which I glazed to look like a red pepper. Plus, there are some smaller beads for variation. I started these cooking about 9 am. They finished about 8 hours later. Right now the kiln […]