18 Inch Coiled Form — Ancient Vessel

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The “big” assignment in Ceramics is to make a coiled form that is at least 18 inches high. Another assignment was to find an ancient form and ‘copy’ it. Enterprising students could combine these two assignments. That’s what I have done. I figured there would be quite a bit of shrinkage, at least 10 percent, […]

Bisque Pinchpots

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Here are two pinch pots that the ceramics class I belong to pulled out of the kiln this morning. This one was pinched, and then I coiled on top of the pinch pot. Next I put in some scraffito and applied sprigs. It is about 8 inches tall. This is also a pinch pot bowl. […]

Pit Firing

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Today in Ceramics, we got to do a pit firing. First we wrapped our pieces in toilet paper. Apparently the paper will help to protect the pot during the firing as well as provide firing materal. The next step was to load the can with some bricks in the bottom. I’m not sure why these […]

Leah Leitson Workshop

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I had the pleasure of attending a Leah Leitson workshop at the Dallas Craft Guilt this last weekend. I love her work. On a website promoting her workshop it says, “Leah works exclusively in porcelain. Her work is predominantly inspired by the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century decorative arts, particularly utilitarian table wares and Sevres porcelain, […]

Ancient Seal

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This is interesting. My assignment in Ceramics I was to find ancient pottery and write a small paper. My paper is actually on a vessel, but I found this beauty in an auction from 3500-3000 BC and it was going for a mere $450. (from the website) “The linear design represents two human figures crossed. […]

Pinch Pots

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I got this picture off the google images search “Pinch Pots” … it’s from Pottery.About.Com. I might start bringing in my small camera to class. Hopeflly people won’t think I’m too odd wanting to document things. As some may have guessed, by now, today in Ceramics I, we tackled the Pinch Pots. I’ve made two […]

Anchors Away! A P100 mask

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This is what I bought today. It is an AOSafety QuickLatch® Facepiece with Voice Transmission System Assembly QuickLatch. Apparently it comes in three sizes. I don’t know which size I bought, though it does seem to fit just fine. The Latch allows for quick donning & doffing. Facilitates quick communication. NIOSH Approved. $43. Bonus: I […]

Bead Jar Winner!

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The actual number of beads in the jar was 734. Fellow Etsian Theresa from Theresa Rose Designs came closest without going over with her guess of 720! She wins over $50 worth of NKP Beads! These are Theresa’s 7 favorites! Visit Theresa Rose’s Etsy store today for some gorgeous jewelry designs! Congratulations, Theresa! I hope […]

School Daze

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I’ve definitely decided to go ahead and get a Bachelors of Fine Arts so I am back at college (again). I love school. I’ve gone to college off and on since my children were babies. The joke is that I’ve been 20 years at a Junior College with only 2 more years to go. I […]