Triming and Photos

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I have an awful lot of trimming to do today on the pots I threw yesterday. I had them under plastic last night in order that they might not dry out too much. This morning they were still quite moist, too wet to trim. While I’m waiting for them to dry enough to trim, I […]


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Today I will be throwing raku clay to get ready for an upcoming raku workshop at college. All participating ceramics students can attend for NO COST. Gotta love that. There is this one minor specification. If a ceramic student attends, that student must show up every day and stay the ENTIRE time. No problem. Will […]

Back in School Jiggity Jig

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I’m SO happy about being back in Ceramics’s class. I have a list of projects in front of me and all of them are challenging. It won’t be easy. I’m looking forward to the assignment to make one form 10 different sizes. This will be a huge stretch for me. I practiced yesterday in my […]


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I didn’t take this picture but I ‘lifted’ off google images when I googled Bags of Clay. Notice that it is sitting in a trash can? Yesterday at Ceramic Class I found two bags of low fire clay in the trash. The reason? It had been bought for the children’s class over the summer but […]

Porcelain Bowls and Cups

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This weekend I took some cone 10 porcelain from its bag and decided to get back in practice on the wheel. I haven’t been on the wheel since ceramics class ended in May. I realized that had been way too long! The first hour or so was one disaster after another. I expected it and […]

Taking the Beads off the Rods

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A photo is worth what they say? 1000 words? Therefore I should not elaborate too much on what happened as I was taking the rods out of the kiln … but I will. After all, this blog documents the successes and the failures of this particular potter. This is what happened: The rods began crumbling. […]

Firing the Bead Kiln

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I suppose I should have titled this “REfiring The Bead Kiln” … but no matter…. The interior size of my bead kiln is 8″x8″x 6¾”. I use 7″ kiln posts to rest the bead rods upon. I also use them as weights on top of the rods. This helps to keep the rods from sagging […]

Firing Perils

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As it happens, the bead kiln underfired. I got a FTH error (failed to heat) error about 5-6 hours into the firing so it fired to around cone 08. I know it did not reach cone 06 or the glaze would have looked melted a bit more. As it happens, I have an extra bead […]

Getting Ready for a Bead Firing

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Yesterday I glazed these and this is what they look like while they are drying. Before they are completely dried, I take them off. If I wait too long, the glaze dries too much and falls off when I remove them from the skewer. All these beads have three coats of glaze. The first two […]

Ceramic Nuggets Rock

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Today I’m going to be forming ‘nuggets’. I’m planning on using a variety of clays, porcelain as well as earthenware. These are rather fun to make. Each one is different. I have a tutorial on how I make these on my website. Here’s the link if you are interested in the process. This is a […]

Clay Whistles

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This weekend I’ve been making these clay whistles. I have some that are smaller than others which make for a wide variety of sounds. These are larger than the bead whistles and so they are not as shrill. The bead whistles are usually 20 mm (about 3/4″) and the smallest one here is 50 mm […]


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I was able to sign into a ceramics class this semester after all and so last night I pulled out the cone 10 clay (b-mix) and decided to make some flower vases. I can bisque these at home and bring them into the classroom to experiment on some glaze/stain combinations. This is a bowl I […]

More Photos

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I took some of my creations outside this morning and photographed them. I really do like how the sunlight is working in this particular place on my front porch. I know that depending on time of year, the lighting will be different. It will be different on cloudy days and on sunny days. But for […]

Playing with Photos

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I’m trying to revamp my photos a bit. I’m a bit bored with the white paper background. So I thought I’d go outside and shoot. Altogether, I took 50 photos and I am so glad the cost of digital photos is nil. This first shot is on the white paper, in the shade. It is […]

More Decals and Textures

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I got to thinking about textures and how to combine them with decals. This is what I thought to do. I’ll apply a decal to the smooth part and yet still have the happy fun of having a texture. It’s always a difficult decision when forming a bead … do I go for a glaze […]

Procrastination ….

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Last year I took Ceramics I and II at the local junior college. I found out that Ceramics II can be repeated as many times as I want to take it. I had planned on taking it again because it is a ton of fun. I have access to a wonderful gas kiln and the […]