Stoneware & Porcelain Beads

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These are the three clay bodies I commonly use when I make beads. In my last post I wrote about how I was finally mixing up some of my own glazes. Like most, I started with a simple clear glossy glaze. I did not use any underglazes or stains because I wanted to see how […]

Glaze Making

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Yesterday I bought the final items I needed in order to begin making many of my own glazes: a gram scale and some final common glaze chemicals. I decided that any glazes I made would not be toxic, so I have no toxic materials such as lead or barium. For now my glazes will only […]

Frenzied Listing

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I realized a couple of weeks ago that I have not really photographed or listed pottery in quite a long time. My shelves are brimming full, especially after this last kiln opening at the college. So I’ve been taking pictures every day for about a week. If I take, say, 10 items, maybe 2 come […]

Trying to Decide

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I’m trying to decide if I’m going to sell this one, keep this one, or use it for the Etsy Mud Team Mug Swap. It’s such a hard decision! I threw this on the wheel, it’s Dave’s Porcelain Laguna clay, and added a handpulled handle. I added the handle a bit too soon though and […]