New Whistles

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These are three of the whistles I made while on vacation. I had brought some clay with me and when the urge to create hit, fashioned these. I used plastic tools instead of the stainless steel I use normally, but all was well and they all sound just as they should. The first one I […]

A Mug and Stuff

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We’re supposed to have a mild ice storm here in the Fort Worth, Texas area tonight and tomorrow. I don’t think there is such a thing as a mild ice storm. Ice here is treacherous. Nobody knows how to drive in it nor do we have chains to put on our tires. I try to […]

The New Year

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It’s back to Ceramics class again.  This semester I am going to be focusing on throwing larger, concentrating on pulling up all that extra clay.  Last semester I focused on form.  So hopefully once I get all that clay from the bottom to the top, the form will take care of itself. Also, I’m learning […]