Frost Porcelain with Rhinestones

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This is some Frost porcelain clay from Laguna.  It is extremely white, not at all vanilla creamy. Each bead was pierced with several holes to allow for these 4 mm Swarovski light blue sapphire pointy back rhinestones. I will be adding more photos of these into flickr over the next few days.

Backyard Raku Beads

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I finally got brave enough to raku in my backyard. It took a good while to get the beads wired into their containers, but once they were I was able to load them into the kiln.  I had wanted to use a smaller kiln. However, some of the lights are out on the digital readout […]

Backyard Clay

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I have gardened many years and many times scraped mud off my shoes, amazed at its tenacity to cling to the bottoms, but the other day was the first day I thought to squish and roll it up in my hands. I suppose its because I read Marsha Hedrick’s account of the wild clay she’s […]

Sunlight Photography

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Last week I ordered new  photography background paper.  It came yesterday and I set it up and took a few photos.  The light setup I have is good in some ways, awful in others.  I have sunlight bulbs in the lamps, however, they shine something fierce on the pots and make them appear to have […]

Showcasing a Creative Beader

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I think this necklace created by Erika is simply amazing.  She beads jewelry for the sheer love of beading.  However, if she were ever to break out and begin selling it, she could certainly begin with this piece.  Erika individually wired a variety of ceramic art beads and combined them all into this wonderful necklace. […]

Raku Beads

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These beads were some that I was able to raku before the ceramics semester ended.  I am going to try to raku here at home, but I say that all the time and somehow I never get around to doing it. These have a lovely luster on them, and while they reduced a bit, they […]

New Stuff

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 I have been applying low fire glazes under the iron oxide decal transfers the last week or so and I could just kick myself because I think I already knew that the iron oxide transfers get absorbed by the low fire glazes … sometimes.  Other times they work just fine and dandy.  But I forgot […]

Porcelain Cement?

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These are some cone 10 porcelain nuggets, unglazed.  The type of porcelain one buys definitely determines the whiteness and translucence of the porcelain.  This particular porcelain probably should be marketed as stoneware, though it is soft and yummy to the touch, much like porcelain. After these came out of the kiln, I was left wondering: […]