Spiral Sprigs with Beadcaps

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I had the hardest time deciding what to glaze these.  Now, if I had made 4 or 5 sets maybe it would not have been half as hard, but as it is, I only made this one set. I glazed with a blue underglaze on top of the sprigs, and then put a Mayco Crystalites […]

Come Shop in Person

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Click on this photo if you are having trouble reading the text.  I will be participating at a show hosted by Ron and Janel Hollister at 8304 Llano Ave., Benbrook, TX, 76116 on December 11 from 10 am to 6 pm.  Please stop by and say hi and admire at all the beautiful pottery! There […]


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These rounds all have round bead caps, and I impressed the circles via the help of the tip of a broken pen. I rubbed in a black underglaze and coated with pink. One of the smaller beads has a small chip in the bead cap, so I won’t be selling it.  I’ll make it into […]

Wrapped Sprigs Rounds in Light Blue

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I rolled clay into a strip, applied over a round, then textured it. The texture helps it not to fall off as the clay shrinks and dries during the bisque firing. This was glazed with a light blue, the new light blue from Mayco, the foundation glaze that is named simply “Light Blue”.  I’m thinking […]

Leaf Sprigs

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These are four rounds, approx 16 mm (I’m guessing, I haven’t measured them yet), with a simple leaf sprig design.  One of these beads has a ‘bead cap’, which has been textured for interest. The clay is a iron speckled stoneware from Texas Pottery in Bluemound, Texas (www.texaspottery.com). Alan and Debra Bray sold this company […]

Newbie Beads

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I remembered to snap a quick photo of these after they came out of the first initial bisque firing.   I tried to do sets this time, 4 smaller beads with one focal bead.  That’s about how long my attention span lasted until I got bored and thought of something different to do.  Over the next […]


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These whistles are whimsical, playful, and playable, too.  They sport a hole for stringing a leather or fabric cord through.  I don’t recommend wire for stringing because it could chip the ceramic glaze.

For Days and Days

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…for days and days I’ve been rephotographing everything in the pottery store.  I’m still not finished but I have decided to put it away for a few weeks.  I’m trying to get a few more beads and mugs glazed before a show I’m doing on December 11th.  When I have a flyer, I will post […]

White Ceramic Beadcaps on Black Melons

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I have for a long time been fascinated with metal beads.  Which is why a few years ago I took a workshop on wheel-thrown, altered and assembled pottery with Leah Leitson who is fascinated with silver teapots and serving vessels.    I don’t know why it took me so long to make the connection that […]

Iron Oxide Decals Bowl

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This bowl is a terracotta stoneware with white slip applied to the inside and the outside. It was fired to maturity at cone 6 in an electric kiln.  Iron oxide handmade decals were added at another firing at cone 05.  The spirals were made via a spirograph toy, the paisleys were hand drawn by myself, […]

It’s Not Brass

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This was supposed to be a specialty brass glaze, cone 04, put out by Duncan. I do like it, but it’s not brass. I have a couple of bead sets done in this same glaze that I’ll blog about tomorrow and later this week. This is a sprig bead which I also pierced holes into […]

Simple Vase

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This is a very simple vase. I’ll be adding it to my pottery store sometime today.  This is a vase that I pulled to 10″.  After bisque and glaze firing it ended up at a cool  8.5″. It’s perfect for a bouquet of cut flowers, and its neutral golden tan color means it goes with […]

Porcelain Cup

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This is one of those things that I put on a shelf at home and simply stared at for a number of months. It’s small, and dainty, but the handle is comfortable to hold. I had made quite a few beads with this pattern and had decided to try on a cup, too.  This is […]

Red Vase

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This is a porcelain vase that I’ve had sitting on a shelf in my studio waiting until I had the time and patience to add all these transfer iron oxide drawings of my doodlings. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and because I waited so long I had a plan in […]

Simple Bead

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This is a simple stoneware bead I rolled on a stamp and applied underglaze on.  It looks almost black but it’s actually a dark green. It is covered with a clear gloss glaze and has been fired to cone 1. It is a simple bead which has been simply made.  Look how the underglaze shows […]

Color Variations in Separate Firings

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In my descriptions of my beads I have this line that is in all of my listings: “I have discovered over time that each batch of beads fires in the kiln differently depending on the season, temperature, and humidity, and barometric pressure.“ While these beads were fired about a week apart and the temperature was […]

Venetian Red Sprig Bead

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Here is a porcelain bead which I applied stoneware sprigs and covered with the now (sadly) discontinued Venetian Red by Mayco. I know I know, I have to get a grip on myself! Or just start making my own glazes, of which I am more than capable.  With beads, it is so easy just to […]