Glazing Beads

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I’ve been glazing in the spare time I’ve had.  These beads to your left have been dipped in a watery black underglaze, left to dry, then wiped off with a sponge. I love this effect, though it is very time consuming.  Here are some rounds in which I combined two glazes of green. One is […]

Popsicle Stick Bead Textures

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I went searching around my studio for simple geometrical textures and stumbled across this Popsicle stick (or is it a coffee stirrer?) which caught my interest. There are not many of these beads in my stash because I was experimenting.  I do like how the glaze turned out.  This particular celadon glaze below is one […]

Bossy Bead Necklace by Jean A. Wells

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I created this bead in a whimsical fashion, adding texture and sprigs of clay to the stringing holes to form this very fun ‘bossy’ buttery yellow nugget bead. Jean took this bead and fashioned it into a most gorgeous necklace.  She hung it from a hand formed bail made from square copper wire and added […]