Blue Jean Beads

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I used a blue glaze on these and they remind me of the same color as my favorite blue jeans. Sprigs have been added to each round bead and textured in this geometrical pattern. I am feeling incredibly indecisive today. I can’t decide whether to sell these individually, by pairs, or lump the entire batch […]

Newbies from the Kiln

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 The next few days I will be showcasing some beads I have taken out of the kiln the last few weeks. I’ve been negligent about getting them online and in my store, but I’m trying to rectify that somewhat.  I have been sorting through some of my bisque beads the last few weeks as I […]

More Beads?

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I love making beads.  It is relaxing to sit with clay in a bag on my lap and create.  I wish I loved the act of brushing on the glaze as much as I like the clay in my hands.  I love opening up the kiln full of glazed beads, though.  I will try to […]

Dragonfly Ceramic Bead

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I am back from taking pictures of my pottery to taking pictures of the beads that have come forth from my kiln the last couple of months. This picture to the left is a handformed nugget with endcaps that I impressed a stamp of a dragonfly upon.  The dragonfly impression comes from a very tiny […]

What About Those Beads?

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… in case you are wondering … I have been renewing 4-5 expired bead listings daily (deja vu) whilst I take pictures of pottery for my pottery etsy store. The hardware lights are covered with a piece of paper and sport sunlight natural bulbs to keep the color true.  They are pointed upward and the […]