Online Fundraiser Auction of Mugs

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And this mug to the left is also being auctioned.  It is available until noon today. However, there are lots more to come.  Here is a webpage of the upcoming mugs: Here’s where to go to view the auction: Here is the previous article I wrote about why we are holding the auction: Do you […]

Philip Pappas Fundraiser Update

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 The fundraiser Saturday night was so much fun!  I brought 60 mugs and 42 of them have new homes now.  $2443 was raised (over $300 in flat out gifts) Philip only has $3431 to go.  The mug to the left had quite the bidding war going!  I think it went for around $75, but it […]

Why The Mug Fundraiser?

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Tonight is the fundraiser that my son, Philip, is holding for himself. Yes, himself. Backstory:  About a year ago, about the time I was going through my own cancer treatment (I am in remission, cancer free, btw) , my son, Philip, showed me a mole that was growing on his back, up near his neck.  […]

Wedding Set Plates

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I thought I’d take pictures of this plate making process which I’ve been doing all week.   The picture to the left is the clay in the gloppy state.  It was completely dry and I added water and over a period of days scraped outer layers of clay off.   I started off with about 50 pounds […]

Great Plates!

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This is one of the beads I listed today and I particularly liked the way the glaze sunk into the recesses.  I have a few more with this glaze color that I’ll be listing tomorrow and the next day.  If you search my store for the phrase Sea Green with Blues you can see them […]

Ach! Plates!

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I’m attempting to make a dinnerware set of porcelain plates, bowls, cups, saucers, etc … for my upcoming son’s and soon to be daughter-in-law’s wedding present.  It took the clay all weekend to go from a completely dry state to a state that could be manipulated.  After I scraped all the sides down I ended […]