Sorry if this picture of my cut fingernails is a bit gross. 

I had my pottery show this last weekend and it took me about three weeks to figure out what to take, what to tag, and also to fire several loads of pottery.

During that time my fingernails grew … and grew.  Today I cut them off because I’m going to get out the clay and fingernails and clay do not play together well.

There is that feminine side of me that mourns the loss of my budding long nails, but the practical side of me understands that unless I want to leave small crescent moons in all my pieces the nails must go.  Also, cleaning out clay from underneath fingernails is really really difficult.  So goodbye sweet nails …. hello CLAY! 

Thanks for stopping by!
– Natalie

P.S.  The pottery show was really fun! 


I had these two owls and sent them along to the other two ladies who left comments on my owl giveaway.  I packaged them up before I applied the mailing labels so I do not know which lady got which owl.  

 Actually the one on the bottom looks a bit like a vulture.  Do you think so too? I think it is cute, though and if I tried to make another one like it, I don’t know if I could. 

I want to thank all the kind folks who sent me prayers and good wishes while I battled the Elevator Cold. It seems to be going around and hits some people worse than others. It moved up and down from my sinuses to my throat to my voice box and then back up again and down again. It seems to be gone though but my voice still sounds a bit hoarse. It sapped my energy level though but I feel my energy level coming back again. Yeah!

I have an announcement to make, a small announcement. I am going to be closing up my etsy NKPDESIGNS store where I sell my pottery. I don’t have the time to manage more than one store so I am going to move everything into my bead store with its own pottery category. I’m also going to be playing around with my picture presentation to see if I can get my photos of the pottery more ‘homey’. It seems as though the dramatic shots do not work well on Etsy (big light dark contrast). Any thoughts on this setup would be appreciated. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!