Design Progression

It is relaxing and fun for me to sit with a bit of clay and come up with new designs. Some people plan out new designs with pen and paper and I wish I could do more of that. It is a great way to plan out the thought process.  

Me?  I gather a few things around me and plunge right in and see where it goes. My problem is that I have a tiny attention span and it almost physically hurts to make the same thing over and over.  

I have a button with this waffle texture and so I made these beads. And yes, I only made five of them. I had thought I would make 50 or so, but after 5 I was done. Finished. 

I grabbed a piece of clay and made a nugget shape and put a couple of round sprigs of clay and pressed it with that waffle texture and came up with a couple of nuggets. That was fun, but I only made a couple of these before getting bored again.  Part of me figures that if I’m bored then YOU’RE going to be bored, too.

 Instead of making a nugget shape, I made an oval shape and instead of making round bits of clay I made little ropes of clay and wrapped them around the oval and impressed the sprigs with my waffle texture.

These to me were not boring. I ended up making quite a few of them.  Notice the underside where the sprig does not go all the way around?  I like this bare area.   Maybe the glaze will do wonderful things.

 I glazed these with a light coating of avacodo underglaze and covered with a clear gloss to make them shiny and pretty.  

Most interesting to me of all is that after it is glazed, the waffle texture ends up looking like teeny daisy flowers.