Blue Foam

I will be surprised if this stays in my store for any length of time. The blue crystal that was on this teal blue glaze looks like lovely blue foam, almost like an ocean wave. So pretty. See it here.

Rustic Turquoise Ceramic Bead

I added this bead to my store today. I realized I didn’t have any of my lentil shape ‘ocean wave’ beads in my store because they have all sold.  I went hunting in my stash and found this one in a turquoise glaze, which I had also applied an under-glaze onto in order to achieve this somewhat rustic look.  Click here to see it in my store.

1000 Beads Book out for Preorder on Amazon

I got the acceptance letter a few months ago, the last day of October actually.  I didn’t really believe it until I saw the index where my name is listed on  Many of the beads are available to preview. Mine are not included in the preview but I’m on pages 294 and 352.  Here’s a link: click here to preview and/or preorder.

Turquoise Square Beads

These beads have all been turned so their holes face one another.  As you can see, their patterns are not exact or uniform, perfect for the project where you are aiming for a similarity between beads, yet want that unique touch.  I put them in my etsy store this morning.

Summer Pinks

I am beginning to stock up my etsy store with some bright spring and summer bead colors.  Take for instance, this beautiful dusky dark pink sprig and pierced bead.

I used the end of a pen to make the small circles, which adds a lot of negative space/interest to this bead, in my thinking that is.

Have you seen the new Pantone spring upcoming colors? If not, here is a link.  I sometimes try for what is going to be in season, other times I get lucky by accident. Other times I ignore it all together and simply glaze in colors that appeal to me personally at the time.

Here is another link to the spring 2014 colors on Pinterest.

Chartruse Egg Shape Finger-Nail Texture Ceramic Bead

I made this particular bead on the beach of Galveston. Our family had gathered for a small family reunion on my husband’s side, and I had brought some clay to mess around with, as I often do when I travel.

I usually keep my nails fairly short, because it is difficult not to leave marks in clay when they are longer.  Plus, it is hard to get the clay out from underneath the nails.

However, this time I decided to make the most of it because, well, why not? The end of my nail was a perfect half circle.

I only made one of these (it’s in my etsy store, take this link if you are interested.)

What I’m Working On …

 I took out a couple of stoneware clays and step by step, came up with the beads in the second photo.

I started off with a ball, smashed it with a texture on both sides.  Wrapped a noodle of white stoneware clay around that circle.

Next I textured the sides with a small knitting needle, pierced the middle and added round sprigs, and pierced once again.

I think these would be fun as bracelet links, possibly buttons.

They are drying now and will be fired next week sometime.


Blueberries on a Bead

Fruit on a bead … what a concept!  I had some of these decals and a light colored red bead in which to apply it. I only made this one.  It is available in my etsy store.  Yay.

For the Potters:  Ceramic Arts Daily has  a new downloadable PDF file on making glazes.  Here’s the link. I have dabbled in this from time to time and it is always rewarding to tweak a recipe and come up with something that nobody else has in their inventory.

I also found this on the web: it’s on Pinterest (a site that has for the most part baffled me). It’s full of free jewelry design tutorials.  If there is some technique that has been baffling to you, there might be something on that board to clarify it.  Have fun!

Welcome 2014

Howdy and hello! 

I just added this sweet bead to my etsy store.   It’s a glaze I have played with in the past and I think it is visually more interesting with the addition of iron oxide decals, of my own creation of course.

2014 is exciting. I have two beads which are appearing in a Lark book due to come out in April, if memory serves correctly.  I believe the title is 1000 Beads, and features beads of many mediums, not just ceramic, but glass and metal and paper and well, lots of mediums.  I was extremely surprised to get the acceptance letter and I have resorted to pinching myself to make certain I am not dreaming.

In the last year I have acquired chickens, one of which lays the most beautiful green eggs.  I am due to be a grandmother again, and you know what that means … more fun!

The cancer is still in remission and because it is the first of the year I am due for yet another battery of biopsies and scans to make sure all is well.  I try not to think about it.

In any event, thanks for stopping by and I hope your 2014 is even lovelier than your 2013!