What Makes ‘Ceramic Clay’ Ceramic?

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There seems to be a bit of confusion on this issue recently, especially with the addition into the marketplace of Laguna’s Air Dry Clay which does not need a kiln in order to harden. It’s clay …right?Yes.   So if the material is clay, then it must be ceramic … right? Wrong. It’s not ceramic unless certain […]

From My Heart To Yours

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Found these sweet heart beads in my stash, decided to photograph them.  I wonder if I have more? I don’t think so …. I believe this was a combination of two glazes (one with blue crystals) because I had a bit left in each jar and was curious as to how they would turn out.  […]

Marbled Sprig Beads

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This is one of my favorite things to do: take porcelain and stoneware clay and marble them together, then add sprigs and coat with a single glaze.  The mix of clays end up shining in a variety of colors.  Find this one here.

Ginger Ceramic Nugget Bead

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I’m thinking of renaming this to ‘golden’ nugget, but it’s more brown than gold. This glaze came out unexpected on this bead. I was expecting more of a caramel color…it might have something to do with how I dipped the bead into a watery mixture of black undergaze before the caramel glaze I applied. If […]

Winter Bead

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Is it cold and wintery where you are?  Well, it is very cold and wintery here in North Central Texas.  Right now the snow outside from yesterday is slowly melting, but not much because it is so incredibly cold.  It is in that vein that I offer this snowflake bead, to honor those who are […]

Stoneware Sprig Rose Decal Mug

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I handthrew this mug and added small curved feet to the bottom, ribbon sprigs with pressed roses, glazed them, fired the mug in a clear glossy glaze and later added small rose decals to further make it girly.  It’s comfortable to hold.  I just renewed it in my Etsy shop.

Iron Oxide Orchid Nugget Beads

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I was surprised to find these had 26 views since uploading them late last week.  They were originally this lovely purple shade and I added some original homemade iron oxide decals of my own drawings and refired them.  The decals came out perfectly and I am very happy with them.  I wasn’t expecting to get […]