New Vase

I might as well showcase my new vase that I just added to my etsy store this morning. I have a few coffee mugs in this same design, which I also mentioned on my facebook ‘fan’ page.

If I had more time I would also mention this on my Instagram, but alas, it is about time to head out into the studio and finish working on what I was working with yesterday afternoon.

Originally when I painted on these vines, I used a dark orange glaze for the vines and for the leaves. Over the top of the orange I applied the same ‘blue jeans’ color of dark blue for interest, a small dot to give ‘depth’.

As it turned out, the orange completely burnt out during the firing and in its wake left a light blue mark instead, which is a completely beautiful and surreal effect, yes?  I think so. I’m very happy with how this batch of pottery fired in the kiln.  I have a few more pieces to put in my etsy store and then I’m on to something totally different.

Ironically, I was making this ‘style’ thinking to myself, EUREKA!  I have found my true artist self but upon reflection and a bit of time I think I have not quite arrived.  There is a lot I love about this particular line of pottery but I know I can push it further and that’s what I’ll be doing later.

Thanks for stopping by!  ~Natalie

New Mugs!

This morning I decided to take some photos of my newest mugs which came out of the kiln last week. I would have liked to promote and blog about these last week, but it was a busy week and I couldn’t get around to it. But today is Monday, the start of a brand new week. 

…. And wouldn’t you know it …. I spent 3 hours searching for my battery charger for my camera.  Three Hours!  But I did eventually find it, IN AN OUTLET with the extra battery fully charged. So yay.

I got to task and finally got this mug listed and in my Etsy store.  I think I have 3 or 4 similar shape and colors that I still need to photograph and write listings for. 

Then it is time go head out to the studio to make more fun things!  It is a beautiful time of the year to be in the studio, the leaves are beginning to turn into that lovely shade of Texas brown that is fall here in Fort Worth! 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Vacation Mode

Hi all … I put my Etsy shop in vacation mode (once again) as I had Jury Duty this week. The case was canceled and I was dismissed as a jury and I am sorry to say that I am thrilled to not have to fulfill my civic duty. I just took it out of Vacation Mode.  I am open again!

I probably utilize Vacation Mode way too often but with my life in a perpetual ‘who knows what is going to happen next’ that has been this past year it is a life saver with my stress levels.  I realize that putting my shop on Vacation Mode really dips my views in google and takes quite a while to build up again, but seriously, I just don’t care.  People are more important.  And if I can put my shop in Vacation Mode and put my attention where it makes a difference, I’m completely grateful, thankful, and yes, more than relieved.

Yesterday instead of serving in Jury Duty I moved my kiln back into its kiln room.  I had moved it out for the summer months as the kiln room becomes way too hot, even with the windows open and a fan blowing the hot air out. I thought I would gain boo-coos of firings but with all the rain we had going on this summer I only squeezed out a couple.  I probably should have bought a tent to go over it but I had visions of the roof of the tent bursting into flames and the burning bits blowing into the neighbor’s yard and since she doesn’t water her grass, her yard being set on fire …. should I go on with this scenario? You get the idea.

So now that my kiln is back in its kiln room and it is cool enough this fall to go forward with a firing, what will I be firing?  Well, some memorial bottles for my mother who passed last November.  They will all have her picture and a small genealogy printed on the side.  It’s mostly for the grandkids so that they can have a record. We all know how easy it is to lose track of family.  If they want some of her ashes, a bit can go in each bottle and be sealed.  Or they can just take the bottle. Or not. It’s completely their choice.

Also going into the kiln are some mugs and bowls (see pic).  Thanks for stopping by!