Artsie Beads

Tomorrow when I load the kiln, these will be in there.  After they are fired, the black will turn a maroon brown.  The glaze is a robin egg blue with cobalt blue speckles throughout.

Basically I drew three circles and Zentangled the insides with circles and rectangles and such.  I printed them onto decal paper with my laser printer and cut them into 4ths, and reassembled them onto the round bead.

Okay, onto the next experiment!


6 thoughts on “Artsie Beads

  1. Cool……you sure do think up some creative ways to make beads…..I love your beads. Well, I don't love them, I suppose you shouldn't love something that can't love you back…..I really really like them though.

  2. Very cool! I had no idea HOW you would make that type of bead, I just really enjoy them! I would have pictured you drawing your way around the bead with a pen, I suppose!

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