Bead Photography

The challenge for me in photographing my beads and pottery is that the lighting here in Southern New Mexico is so different than in Fort Worth, Texas.

Even inside under controlled conditions I am finding it extremely difficult to produce a beautiful but accurate photo.

So once again I’m outside in the shade, armed with only my cell phone and a couple of backgrounds.

On A White Plastic Chair

So I grabbed a white plastic chair and tried this first. I adjusted the white balance. Yes, these look luscious are accurate in color, but something is off and I’m not quite sure what. I tried brightening this photo but it still looked off.

Ceramic Beads on White Aluminum Roofing

I would have to come up with the same conclusion as I did the white plastic. They seem cold, hard, unlovable. Still luscious, but unsatisfying.

On An Old Piece of Weathered Wood

I walked around a few minutes until I found this wood. I think it is the winner so far.

It is literally about 3×5 inches so it won’t work for a piece of pottery, but for the beads? I think it’s perfect.

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