Canna Lillies

I adore canna lillies. They are, for me, the perfect background flower in any back or front or side yard. They require minimal watering or care. And they bloom profusely all summer long.

I took my Lensbaby Sweet 35 outside this morning to capture this particular bloom.

I used a white reflector to filter out the harsh lines because this flower was out in the bright full sun.

I had been in the habit of simply snapping away with my photos, but after taking one of those online photography classes I am trying to not snap and snap, and also I am not cropping for interest. Instead I am attempting to fill my frame with the entire flower in range and not crop.

I could go into Photoshop and play with the background and add painterly textures and mask off the flower and I may eventually do that. But for now I think it’s nice just the way it is.

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