Getting My Beads On

Oh boy! Beads!

Beads Beads Beads

I am getting ready for a one day bead show scheduled on the Facebook Ceramic Art Beads Market for May 10.

I am going through my huge stash and pulling out my favorites, many of which I kept because I could not bear to part with them.

You see, I love my beads as much as my customers do.

For the past year I’ve been immersed in the 800 mile move from my Fort Worth home of 35 years back to my hometown and into my childhood home, which I purchased in 2020, the very day in which the Governor shut down the state. As we arrived at the DMV to transfer a car title that we purchased with the house, the DMV was shutting the doors.

Make an appointment online we were told.

Moving in the middle of a pandemic isn’t easy. But we did it! And here we are.

In any event, my studio is finally completely set up and I am ready to begin the process of parting with some of my beads … I have wonderful memories of making them all.

I’ll post updates as the event draws closer, give a sneak peek at what will be offered. You see that pile of beads I put at the beginning of this post? Well, that’s just the tip of what I will be going through, pulling out the very best of the very best.

Cheers to you all!

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