Gimp Update

I’m pleased to announce that after a couple of days of googling, watching You Tube Videos, and many false starts, I am now able to process multiple pictures with one click in Gimp.  I probably will be able to get more items listed in my store each day because of this leap in intellectual technology.

I had to update my gimp program and download a plugin named “BIMP”.  Then I had to figure out how to save and then figure out where to find that saved settings file for the curves function. After that it was a piece of cake.

There does seem to be a bit of pinkish tinge in the photos as far as the background goes, BUT the background is mostly white AND the beads seem true to color, at least on MY monitor and so hopefully it will on your monitor, too.

I suppose I could have made this change quite a few years ago because that BIMP plugin has been available for a number of years. Whoosh …. well, live and learn. Thanks for stopping by.

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