Glazing Records

Time to record my glazing adventures so I can recall after firing. All the pots pictured were in the process of being glazed when I snapped their photo. Underneath each pot will be the finished pot, with observations following.

First up, a bird waterer for the garden. 2 coats Amaco red satin matte, sm-51 on door, Duncan EZ Pecos Pink lightly on top. Amaco celebration hf-125 Turquoise on door, trim, and leg trim.
3 coats black underglaze applied to dragonflies, wiped back. Duncan ez-034 orange applied to flowers, wiped back.
Mayco underglaze Dragon Red ug-208, applied to flowers and wiped back. 3 coats of Celedon Fog applied to body.

Bird Waterer

Everything worked on this pot. I could not be more pleased.

Here is another Bird Waterer. Watered down, light wash of Amaco Textured Amber, covered by cream thick Amaco Celebration Pink. The texture on pot is a lava stone.

Bird Waterer

The watered down Textured Amber seems to have completely burned out. Even so, the thin application of the Celebration Pink seems to have made it slightly transparent so that it pools into the lava texture nicely. An added bonus is that it holds the water perfectly!

Next up: Another Bird Waterer

3 coats, one coat each of the following:

1st… indigo float,  amaco, pc-23

2nd… umber float, Amaco, pc-39

3rd…Frost Blue, mayco, sw-105

Bird Waterer

I am also happy with this.

Next, a simple vase. Amaco, Indigo Float, pc-23. 3 coats on the inside and outside, except for sprigs, which have only 2 coats of Indigo Float.

Small Vase
Small Footed Vase

This is a lovely shiny glaze. The purplish glare is from my shoddy photography, lol.

It dawned on me that I have tweaked a recipe from the book Mastering Cone Six Glazes that is very similar to the above vase. However, where it goes thin, it also goes matte. It’s also similar to photos I’ve seen of Arrowmont Blue Green glaze.

Next is a small pot with applied sprigs. Black underglaze wash on textured area, mayco sw-101. Frost Blue all over outside, wiped back from sprigs. Added Frost Blue, second coat, to outside.  Added three coats of Frost Blue to inside and rim.

Small Pot
Small Pot

I am completely thrilled with this and love the satin matte result of this commercial glaze. It goes a darker blue where thin.

Next is a mid-sized planter. I applied black underglaze on the outside bottom and into stamped sprig around the outside middle. 3 coats of Amaco Wasabi on the outside bottom texture. Inside is Textured Amber, thin as water.  Also applied thin Textured Amber on the outside middle sprig and also sponged randomly on the Wasabi as well as lightly rubbed it onto outside top. Applied Amaco Celebration Pink, thin as milk, to outside middle sprig and upper pot near rim.  Covered top outside only with zinc free clear, thin as cream. I also rubbed the feet with a damp sponge with traces of Textured Amber.

Mid-sized Planter
Mid-sized Planter

The Textured Amber burned out on the feet, but it was ridiculously thin. So … there’s that. Other than that, I’m perfectly happy with this result.

And yet, another Bird Waterer.

I used Spectrum One Stroke Underglaze, Pale Jade, 616, for the leaf sprigs. I have not tested this glaze for cone 6 quality. This might turn to a dull brown at cone 6 temperatures or fire completely out. Used Duncan CC 143, Yellow Orange Underglaze on the daisy sprigs, and Amaco Velvet Red, v-382, on the flower impressions around the opening. I applied Textured Amber, watered down, to the opening, and further watered it down and applied it all over the body where I had pierced with a bamboo skewer. 3 coats of Amaco zinc free clear on everything except the opening.

Bird Waterer
Bird Waterer

The watered down Textured Amber which was applied all over the body fired out as well as most of the less watered down Textured Amber around the mouth. However, the pale jade fired nicely to my surprise.

I have a couple of more small planters to show off. Both were whimsical ideas, one showcases a desert landscape done with underglazes in a watercolor technique. The other was a fun patchwork where I juxtaposed underglazes. The top coat of glaze is a Tony Hansons 5×20 base recipe.

2 thoughts on “Glazing Records

    1. Hi Barbara… I used velvet underglazes by Amaco. I applied on bisque and dipped in a zinc free clear, Tony Hansons 5×20 recipe, medium fired to 1928 degrees with a 20 minute hold.

      Have fun and if you do make any landscapes, I’d love to see.

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