I Love Farmer’s Market Days

I have been absent of late from the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market. I’ve been in the studio experimenting, creating, failing, trying again, succeeding, cleaning…you get the picture!

Yesterday I went to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market at the downtown Plaza, which I believe has been renamed to the Roberto’s Pavillion. It was a chilly morning and heated up nicely with only a hint of wind.

I happily sold a yarn bowl and many of my bowls sporting my 2022 design of blues in a triple dip pattern.

Yarn Bowl

As always, the customers were interesting and fun to get to know better.

2022 Glaze Combination for Functional Ware

I’m excited about my triple dip glaze combination for my functional ware (bowls, mugs, plates, saucers, etc …). I spent a couple of months researching, testing, deciding on these three glazes, Turquoise, Cobalt, and an off white …and the clay body as well, which is a low fire terracotta that I glaze fire to cone 01 instead of 06. As always, everything is food grade, and I also did a lemon test for glaze durability for good measure.

Today I’m in my studio and will be throwing more bowls since I sold so many yesterday. I will also throw a few mugs and plates as well. It will be a few weeks until they are completed and ready to take to market.

In the meantime, enjoy your spring weather wherever you may be.

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