It’s A NEW Day

As those who know who have been following me, I’m up and moving my studio to Las Cruces, New Mexico, the town I grew up in and left in my 20s to start a new life in Fort Worth, Texas.

Well, the children are grown. The husband is retiring. And we’re moving back.

I’ve got my studio there already and am aching to go in and create new things. I have some wonderful ideas, some fabulous ideas, some wonderful fabulous ideas.

The other thing I will be doing is re-branding. I’ve thought of another name for my pottery venture and will be revealing it shortly. Though I will definitely have to purchase another domain name.

Oh, and right now I’m fed up with Etsy’s shenanigans. Every time I turn around they’ve changed their algorithms. I work for days and days on each and every listing, bring it up again, only to have it happen again. And again.

Then they began charging me on shipping that I charge the customer. That didn’t seem fair. Then they ‘suggest’ I add shipping into the price of an item and offer free shipping. Well, that just made customers angry, rightly so!

They want me to buy ads or the implication is that they will also drop me further into the search engine. Also, they decided to charge me for google ads and I have to trust them whether or not a listing was in google ads. Nope. I don’t trust Etsy.

When they squeeze from me every spare penny I have but have enough to donate millions of dollars to organizations, well, that was the last proverbial straw. goodbye, Etsy.


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