It’s All Good

Yesterday I had my first Farmer’s Market show of the year. It was cold but I wore my battery operated thermal vest and stayed toasty warm.


I set up in the sunshine and realized that I had better get hopping in my studio. My inventory is low!

I enjoyed talking with a customer from Canada who purchased one of my OOAK mugs. We have a lot of people who visit from out of state and from other countries who simply can’t make it to Saturday Main Street Market. That is a huge reason I love Wednesdays.

Another lady, a jewelry artist, bought some of my porcelain sprig beads for projects. I try to always bring the beads, but sometimes I don’t have the table space, but since I am still working on getting my latest creations fired and glazed and refired, I had table space.

One thing that has slowed me down is that the glaze chemicals I ordered before Christmas only arrived yesterday. So today will be spent mixing up cobalt blue, turquoise, and a pale yellow. I also want to formulate and test a salmon pink. So that’s my plan. Can I stick to it?

2 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your latest designs and new colors! (And I’m glad you had some room for the beads!). 😉

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