New Vase

I might as well showcase my new vase that I just added to my etsy store this morning. I have a few coffee mugs in this same design, which I also mentioned on my facebook ‘fan’ page.

If I had more time I would also mention this on my Instagram, but alas, it is about time to head out into the studio and finish working on what I was working with yesterday afternoon.

Originally when I painted on these vines, I used a dark orange glaze for the vines and for the leaves. Over the top of the orange I applied the same ‘blue jeans’ color of dark blue for interest, a small dot to give ‘depth’.

As it turned out, the orange completely burnt out during the firing and in its wake left a light blue mark instead, which is a completely beautiful and surreal effect, yes?  I think so. I’m very happy with how this batch of pottery fired in the kiln.  I have a few more pieces to put in my etsy store and then I’m on to something totally different.

Ironically, I was making this ‘style’ thinking to myself, EUREKA!  I have found my true artist self but upon reflection and a bit of time I think I have not quite arrived.  There is a lot I love about this particular line of pottery but I know I can push it further and that’s what I’ll be doing later.

Thanks for stopping by!  ~Natalie

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