Old Fashioned Linens

A few years ago a good friend gifted me a beautiful antique linen. She’s also a potter, so she knew I’d love it.

Flower Pattern

I have used this more than a few times, but thought I’d share the process. After rolling out a slab, I ran this linen through the slab roller one last time to achieve this texture.

Flower Linen Texture

I placed plastic wrap on top before cutting out circles. This helped the edges to be smooth.


I didn’t get a photo of turning up the sides, but basically I placed each circle on a thick piece of foam and used a jar to press it into the foam. The jar was smaller than each circle so the edges turned up.

Feet added

After they hardened a bit, I added feet.

Now they will dry. Then I’ll bisque fire them, glaze them, then refire. These are fun small dishes to hold whatever…keys, soap, rings, spare change … you get the idea.

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