Spring in New Mexico

Oh the birds! They are singing so loudly: cheeps, trills, peeps, coos. Nature music!

I spotted a northern mockingbird high in the ponderoda pine this morning. He was on the very top. Took me a minute to spot him.

Claretcup Cactus

I found these early blooming cactus the other day and there was only one open blossom. Today it is practically aflame!

Hummingbird Feeder

I decided to put a few hummingbird feeders out this morning. I filled them half full because only the early migraters are here and cannot possibly empty these quickly.

Desert Marigolds

There are so many of these desert marigolds growing randomly in the various cacti gardens. I let them come up where they will, but many are coming back as they are perennials.

Bird Waterer

I am currently making these and they are completely experimental. These are small because they have to be emptied and refilled every two days because otherwise they become mosquito incubators. Also, birds prefer non-stagnant water to drink. I’m thinking bees and wasps may also benefit.

This morning I saw a sparrow hop over, take a few drinks, fly to the top. He sat there a moment before flying away.

I had wondered if the birds would even find it. And if they did, would they take a sip? Apparently, yes. I’m thrilled.

I also plan on creating a waterspot somewhere in this southwest garden, but not from ceramics as I want this to be an inch deep and about 2 feet wide, sloping sides. I will use cement. But for now these bird waterers will be appreciated by the current wildlife.

Globe Mallow

The globe mallow is beginning its summer show. It is such a cheerful wildflower and will bloom until the first freeze.


This dogweed is also a determined bloomer and even comes back on what looks to be dead stalks.


The rosemary is blooming in the herb garden already. I love to rotisserie chicken with this herb.


This fleabane also seemingly comes back from the dead. In the morning these delicate flowers appear lavender only to turn bright white in the afternoon sun.

Today I’ll be again working inside on my computer updating my website. I have gotten all the information changed from Texas to New Mexico and now am adding inventory. It’s terribly tedious, but short breaks outside surely cheer me up.

Hope you have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Spring in New Mexico

  1. What a delightful tour of your gardens! I never imagined there would be so many bright blooming flowers in the desert! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty!

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