What I did Over Summer Vacation

The summer raced past.  I made a lot of whistles, beads, and pottery.  This morning I have spent the day organizing bead sets and deciding what to add to my bead store this next week.  Already on my to do list is another batch of 20 mm rounds to bisque fire, some odd shape beads to glaze, and at some point I have to go up to LMRA pottery studio and put my greenware on the correct shelf so it can be bisque fired.  Better yet, I need to go and load a bisque fire kiln over there and do my part.

Here is a mug I have finished and have not yet listed in my pottery store. I finished this over the summer. It is a red stoneware covered by a clear glaze — that didn’t go clear. It came out bright white!  I like the matte effect of the whole thing.

I thought it would be fun to add bright flowery decals for a final firing.  It’s so Christmas-y, don’t you think?

It is one of my favorite mugs, nice and big to hold hot chocolate in or a lot of coffee topped with cream and sugar.  Whipped cream should go on the top regardless of what it holds.

In any event, I’ll eventually be adding it to the pottery store, once I get all the beads sorted out, the geology II test studied for, and the bizzilion other things that seem to need doing.  I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog article in over a month.  But it has been busy. I had two very fun custom orders over the summer.  One was to make mini neti pots, and the other mini cups, or should I say ‘many’ cups.  I have the cups uploaded over on Flickr, but as of yet have not added the mini neti pots. I’ll do that now.  If you haven’t yet seen these cute little mini cups, or if you are interested in seeing what I have been doing this summer, hop on over to Flickr. Click here for FLICKR PICS.


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