A Necklace For Me

I have tried to take the ceramic beads in this picture and put them online for at least a week, but every time I do, I catch some small imperfection.  I enjoyed making these, but I didn’t glaze nearly nicely enough near the stringing holes. 

Today I was going to snap their picture again and I whispered to myself, “Just make yourself a pretty necklace out of them.”  So I did!  Yes, it is a simple design. I do not fancy myself a good jewelry designer, but I do enjoy making myself a piece every now and then.

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4 thoughts on “A Necklace For Me

  1. I ordered a pair of these beads about a year ago and they are absolutely beautiful!!! I have not made any earrings with them as of yet, but this may just be the inspiration to get me going. Don't be so hard on your work….it is wonderful and I am sure those beads were great!!!! as mine were!!!

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