Beads 2011 – My Beads Got Into This Magazine

I have been waiting on eggshells to see if the beads I sent in earlier this year would make it into the 2011 BEADS Buyer’s Guide issue and yay … my beads are on three pages. Oh Happy Day!

I wanted to also put advertising in this issue and I was contacted however I was on my out of town and not able to meet the deadline. Next year for sure.

I scanned the three pages of the magazine and scans are always grainy.  These beads look much better in the magazine.  My beads made it into three sections:

The Floral section (page 17), the Steampunk section (page 48) and the World Beat section (Page 63).

I had a hard time deciding whether to list my beads under my website name (nkpdesigns) or my etsy store bead store name (nkpbeads). In the end, I decided that it was more cohesive to point people to my website and they can easily click on the link to visit the bead store.


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