Big Hole Beads

Hi again.  I’ve been deep in the studio, glazing beads, making beads, making mugs, glazing mugs … I wanted to share something new.

It seems like many jewelry designers are enjoying working with beads with bigger holes because leather can fit through a bigger hole, as can ribbon and such.

I have been in the process of coming up with these like you see in the picture.  The bead hole is 3 mm wide. Usually my bead holes are 1 mm wide. 

I am hoping this size is big enough because if not I will have to find something bigger than a wooden skewer, which I suppose I could find in a knitting needle. 

In any event, I have drying right now about 30 of the 15 mm beads with the delicate scroll pattern. Some sport endcaps and some don’t.  I still have a ton of small hole beads which I am still glazing and listing, but along with those some of these big hole beads will also be making an appearance.

If you design jewelry and you love big hole beads, tell me, how big do you prefer the hole to be? Thanks for stopping by! — Natalie

2 thoughts on “Big Hole Beads

  1. I don't actually work with leather, (sometime I use ribbon), but loved the design and color of these so much, just had to snatch one up yesterday! Which I guess only proves, if I love the bead enough, I'll figure out some way to work with the hole size! 😀

    Hope your other friends and designers can be more helpful on offering preferences on hole sizes! Love the beads, Natalie!

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