Birdie Mold

The last time I took my bisque beads out of the kiln, I discovered that I had forgotten to insert a stringing hole into a tiny bird I had formed.  Today I took that bird and two pieces of clay and made a small mold from it.

I also took 5 pattern greenware stamps that I created and tested them out.  I liked three and didn’t like two of them. So back into the recycled clay bag those two went.

I was going to glaze fire today but I actually forgot. I was sitting on my couch sipping coffee. Then I was printing out postage and double checking packages and sealing them up.  By the time I looked up, morning was gone.  It’s a 12 hour firing and I don’t want to be up at midnight.  Tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Birdie Mold

  1. So the mold was not so much as a great success as a great experiment. Half of the bird came out cute and the other half with no detail. I took another mold and hope to have more success next time. If it works, though, it will be super cute I think.

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