These rounds all have round bead caps, and I impressed the circles via the help of the tip of a broken pen. I rubbed in a black underglaze and coated with pink.

One of the smaller beads has a small chip in the bead cap, so I won’t be selling it.  I’ll make it into a personal necklace for myself.  Eventually.

2 thoughts on “Circles

  1. Thanks, Mary! It's one of those things that I think, "WOW, I wish I had thought of doing this sooner!"

    Pierce the hole of the bead first, apply a teeny bit of slip on each hole, Apply the small round piece of clay on the end of each holes, then pierce again. Press firmly with your fingers.

    Be careful when moving them around. Until they are glazed, those beadcaps pop off fairly easily. I've been putting mine directly into the bowl I'm firing them inside of. Then I'm taking them directly from the bowl and glazing them. They are very fragile. Even being careful I lose a few!

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