Continuing With Clay Whistles

And the saga continues …. by this time all I want to do is make each whistle sound the best it can sound and the decoration is going to come in second until I can. It’s been hit or miss for several days with more misses than hits.

For two hours I would poke and prod and reapply clay over the holes, only to poke again. There is a systematic way of doing these and I have been determined to find it.

I began by making the mouthpiece separate from the body of the whistle, and placing it on, finding the happy sound, and attaching it at that point. Still … I couldn’t figure out what or why it was working correcting. I’m the sort of person who reads directions, doesn’t get it but tries anyway, then tries again, then rereads the directions, then tries again over and over again. After three days I began once again googling clay whistles and reread everything.

This time I saw something I had missed before. The suggestion was to hold the whistle up to the light and look through the mouthpiece to the 45% beveled hole in the whistle. It had to be exactly in the middle for the wind to break correctly.

Who knew I needed to be told to break wind correctly? (those with good taste and class are hereby directed to ignore that tacky bad) I am having more successes now than failures.

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