Cooking Kiln

These are some more beads I have had in the small kiln all day. Also included is a small whistle bead which I glazed to look like a red pepper. Plus, there are some smaller beads for variation. I started these cooking about 9 am. They finished about 8 hours later. Right now the kiln is about 588 degrees. If it were cooler outside it might cool down quicker, but I suppose I won’t open it until tomorrow morning … unless I can’t sleep, then I’ll be up after midnight peeking inside hoping for no catastropies!

Here’s a closer look inside. I can really pack the kiln with small beads, but with the 20 mm I can only fit two on a rod and about 7 rods per layer, a total of three layers. The bisque firing is great because I can pile them all on top of each other, but if I did that during the glaze firing they would all melt together.

I logged on this morning to find the treasury I was featured in was on the front page of Etsy. My pink beads are on the top left corner. I used to snag a couple of treasuries a week, but then summer happened and my time went completely out the window. So today I spent a good amount of time playing with the poster sketch tool Etsy provides on a future treasury.

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