Eye Candy

I love pottery. Here are some pieces I found over at Light One Candle. I would have added their names to their pieces but I couldn’t always divide the name properly . So take the link, pick the category of the item and you will find the artists name fairly quickly — though some you won’t be able to figure out. Enjoy these beautiful and inspiring works!

These are sculptural pieces that I look at and wonder, “HOW!?!?” Each is graceful and beautiful and the glaze … wow and wonderful! Truly gorgeous!

See this mug? I’ve been trying to make one like this for the longest time. Note the lid? Note the legs? Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do …it’s adorable! I love it! Someday…. sigh….

Check out thus amazing pitcher! It’s beautifully formed and I love how this glaze drips down into the next level of colors. Spectacular!

This lidded vessel screams out, “HEY! I’M OVER HERE! YOU BETTER NOTICE ME!” And it doesn’t escape anyone’s notice! I imagine if it was at a show it would draw a ton of attention. I love the contrast in the dark spikes with the turquoise body. Lovely!

This teapot ooozes glamor! It has character and a beauty that surpasses most everything and everybody. It preens and everyone bows down.

I love this plate not only because it is well formed and it has wonderful handles, but I love the small painting of the flowers — such delicate and light-catching beauties. Nicely done!

Dontcha just love the handles? Who would have thought to do this to a handle? This artist did and the effect is marvelous! Love it!


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