Funky Pineapples Pasta Dish

I created this pasta dish a few months back.  The bottom is completely flat because I want to be able to also place it in the oven and bake lasagna for two (hubby and I are happy empty-nesters).

I painted these happy (albeit funky) pineapples all around.  The main color is a chartreuse green, the pineapples are a darker leaf green, with accents of black and red.  There are tangerine ‘toppers’ on the pineapple and also in ‘dot’ form, which for me symbolizes the sun.

Hubby has been asking for a pasta dish for a long time, so this is also his birthday present. Shhhh … he doesn’t know, but he doesn’t read this blog either so it will be a complete surprise.

                                                                  UPDATE:  here it is: 

Thanks for stopping by — Natalie

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