Ginger Ceramic Nugget Bead

I’m thinking of renaming this to ‘golden’ nugget, but it’s more brown than gold. This glaze came out unexpected on this bead. I was expecting more of a caramel color…it might have something to do with how I dipped the bead into a watery mixture of black undergaze before the caramel glaze I applied. If it was that … my memory is poor.  I think if I wanted to make another bead that color I would fail because now that I think about it, I’m not really sure which glaze I used.

On the other hand, my granddaughter toddled into the room where I keep my beads to photograph and she squealed, “BEADS!”  Because yes, there was a whole bucket full of beads that I had gathered from every area of my house (trying to get organized you know…).  Ironic that I think I have just as many in my studio, but at least those are sorted in containers. These just got bagged (well, some of them) and placed in this bucket for later. And this, my fellow bead hoarders, is what happens when I take beads out of the kiln and decide to keep them around a while so I can stare at them a bit longer.

…. and yet I still have some beads half-glazed ready to fire in my studio….

My sweet granddaughter scooped out some choice beads and petted them, “Pretty,” she cooed, then ran to show them to her mama.

Can’t wait until she’s old enough to help me around the studio. Maybe she will be a whiz at photography and help me to get all of these online, lol

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. 

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