Glaze Making

I am working on a stable/safe non-toxic cone 6 studio glaze.   I want to end up with three (Light, Medium, and Dark in values) …. I’ve been meaning to tackle this for a few years but it has take me this long to gather up the chemicals I feel safe working with.  I have a base glaze from Mastering Cone 6 glazes and the safe levels of the colorants. I’ll be leaching them anyway, just in case, of course.   Here’s a Vine of the supplies and tools I have gathered on my workbench.

Update: 1st Test glaze is made … It is crazy how nervous I am about using it in my kiln. Crazy crazy. But excited. But nervous. Oooo…the beads will be beautiful, don’t you think? What color will they be? I HAVE NO IDEA …. they might be blue or red or green or a bit of yellow or all of it in various hues. Or it could be brown, muddy muddy brown. I used a base glaze (clear) and added colorants in various amounts. I did write it down though so it can be duplicated (well, as much as I am able to duplicate things) …

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