Iced Pink Twisties Ceramic Bracelet

I woke up this morning with an idea of making a bracelet out of my iced pink ceramic twist beads.  I love pink and green together so I came up with this palette. Of course I was going to start out with the pink of the ceramic beads. Green is a great contrast to pink, so I have a warm shade with the peridot colored cat eye glass beads and a cool color with these green stone chips. These chips came off of a vintage necklace I bought at a thrift shop. They are definitely stone and so I assume they are dyed this mint green. Usually opaque stones are types of jasper, so I think they may be a type of jasper. If anyone knows for certain, I’d love to hear your idea.

I made the Iced Pink Ceramic Twisties bead by forming a rectangle with my fingers and twisting the ends after it was formed. It is a stoneware clay that bisque fires a beautiful pink. The iron in the clay helps to make these this particular color. I glazed it with this white glaze and refired to the same temperature. I’ve made quite a few beads like this over the years and always meant to make myself a bracelet. Today is the day

The yellow is a great accent and these metal brass beads are also from a vintage necklace I rescued from a thrift store.

I often buy vintage beads at thrift stores.  They make great filler beads and it’s always good to upcycle.

Simple simple. Now I have a casual bracelet to wear with a summer top, jeans and comfy tennis shoes.


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