In the Kiln

A ton of greenware is going into the kiln tomorrow. Well, okay, maybe not a ton, but more than I usually stack in there. Since my studio is in my house, the greenware and bisqueware tends to end up occupying every spare space in the house. It’s now on the top of every shelf, every bookshelf … sometimes even used as bookends.

Think of it as temporary art.

2 thoughts on “In the Kiln

  1. The big question what is the age of some of your bisqueware? I think I have some as old as 2002. One day it will get glazed and fired. Another reason not to date your pottery! Old habits die hard! They hammer that into you in school…sign everything.
    Cool stuff Natalie!

  2. In the past I have kept some bisqueware as long as 6 months while I kept making more. This batch is all new, the oldest being only about 3 weeks. I’m gearing up for the pottery guild show this summer and trying to do as much as possible before then.

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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